Freitag, 29. Januar 2016

Eutelsat 9B

Updated launch date of the satellite Eutelsat 9B

The International Launch Services (ILS) has updated the originally scheduled January 28 start date of the satellite Eutelsat 9B. The launch of ILS Proton rocket had to be conditionally postponed by weather conditions backward in time, the French Eutelsat announced on January 21. The launch is now for Saturday, January 30, planned to 04.20 clock time from the spaceport Baikonur (29 January, 23.20 clock CET), the report said.

According to Eutelsat's information the satellite is at the starting location in a security configuration and the preparations without any technical problems continue. Eutelsat 9B is the first of three satellites Eutelsat plans to launch in the year 2016th The satellite Eutelsat 9B follow later in the year Eutelsat 65 West A and Eutelsat 117 West B.

High-performance satellite for TV services

Eutelsat 9B is a Ku-band high-power satellite for the orbital position 9 ° East, at the crossing, the main TV-positions for the European market. Through Eutelsat 9B, the number of available physical position on this transponder on 50 is (equivalent to 47 transponders with an output of 36 per MHz) and increase this raise to a new level of performance. The new satellite addressed with a pan-European footprint television markets with high growth rates. In addition, Eutelsat 9B has four regional beams for Germany, Greece, Italy and Northern Europe, including the Baltic states and Ukraine. The satellite is scheduled at 9 ° East to replace Eutelsat 9A which transmits currently 350 television stations, including 100 in HD on cable and IP networks, as well as directly receiving households and DVB-T converter in Europe. Its customers include the M7 Kabelkiosk and the platform AustriaSat Magyarország and OTE, AFN, Arqiva, GlobeCast, Media Broadcast and Media RR.

Opening a data highway in space

Eutelsat 9B also has the EDRS payload A first node of the European Data Relay System (EDRS) ESA and Airbus Defence and Space on board. This new Space Data Highway will significantly speed up the flow of information between satellites in low earth orbit and connected ground stations and reduce the reaction times for a variety of applications. These include Earth observation systems, satellite-based monitoring in disaster cases, relief operations and the monitoring of coasts and waters. The EDRS-A payload consists of a laser communication terminal, a Ka-band inter-satellite link of high volume datasets of employed in low earth orbit satellites and airborne platforms to retrieve and a Ka-band antenna for the transmission of such data from the geostationary orbit to the connected EDRS ground stations.

Founded in 1977 Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris Euro: ETL, ISIN: FR0010221234) is one of the leading and most experienced satellite operators worldwide. The company commercially viable capacity ready on 39 satellites for TV stations, radio and television organizations, operators of pay-TV platforms, TV, data and Internet service providers, enterprises and government institutions. The satellites provide, regardless of the user's location, a universal coverage in Europe, the Middle East, North, Central and South America, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region for TV, data and broadband services as well as the governmental communication. The company is headquartered in Paris with offices and teleports around the globe. Together with its subsidiaries employs Eutelsat 1,000 employees from 37 countries, who are experts in their respective fields and for customer services of the highest quality of service providing

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