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Electricity is the potency of a physicochemical system.

Electricity is the potency of a physicochemical system.

Electricity has several advantages compared with other forms of energy, namely:

- Electricity production in power plants occurs in favorable economic conditions;
- Electricity can be transmitted long distances through the electromagnetic field, either directly by the environment, be routed through power lines;
- At the place of consumption, electricity can be transformed into economic conditions in other forms of energy;
- Electricity can be divided and used in parts no matter how small, as needed;
The disadvantage they present electricity compared to other forms of energy remains that can not be stored. The electricity must be produced when it is required by consumers.
Electricity production is done by converting other forms of energy:

- Converting chemical energy of fuels in air turbines, gas internal combustion engine;
- Converting potential energy or kinetic water;
- Conversion of nuclear energy;
- Transforming other forms of energy: tidal, solar, wind;

Produce electricity by converting the chemical energy of fuels takes place in power plants or power plants.
Produce electricity by converting kinetic energy or water potential is realized in hydroelectric plants that produce electricity about hidrautica. This is economic duration energy source and inexhaustible.
Electrical energy is transported away through a system of electrical networks at different voltages: 110 kV, 220 kV, 400 kV and 800 kV even over. Electricity transmission is done either by airlines or by underground cables.
Voltage 110 kV, the pillars are over 25 meters high, placed at intervals of about 300 m; 220 kV her height of 35 m, the interval is approximately 350m; 400 kV, the height can reach 50 m, distance between them is over 350 m. In certain situations, such as for example water crossings, they can reach greater heights.

Underground cables are used in urban areas and where the additional cost is justified by other considerations such as aesthetics for example. A high voltage underground cable requires additional cooling installations and installations to avoid losses in the ground. For this reason it is much more expensive than an airline.

Airlines are made of conductive copper, aluminum core steel and copper cadmium. Copper conductors are used in all voltages; For wider using the cadmium copper that have a high mechanical strength. Aluminium conductors steel core is used especially for high voltages. There is a tendency to replace copper aluminum, because of the cost or lower.

Electric conductivity varies with temperature for most materials. In general it decreases the conductor temperature rise. Exceptions are coal and electrolytes, which, as with most non-metals, the conductivity increases to raise the temperature.
If underground cables are required layers of insulation and protection. Notice of insulating materials: paper impregnated with oil, natural rubber and synthetic plastics such as polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene (usually used instead of rubber). Paper insulated cables can be used up to 400 kV, while the insulated cables with rubber or plastics, only up to 11 kV.

Protection of impregnated paper cable insulation is first made with a layer of lead or aluminum to avoid moisture and then a layer of reinforced bitumen or without metal reinforcement to avoid corrosion and mechanical damage. Cables insulated with rubber or plastics protection is determined by the needs of service.

Typically, we need to know if the insulator chosen corresponds to the temperature that will work. For this purpose are defined in the following classes of isolation:
- Class Y insulation, good up to 90 degrees C. The paper, cotton, and silk untreated part of this class;
- Class of insulation used up to 105 degrees C. This includes paper, cotton, and silk impregnated;
- Class E insulation corresponds to temperatures up to 120 degrees C. Paper and fabrics impregnated part of it;
- Class B insulation, used up to 130 degrees C. It corresponds materials used in transformers and electric motors and part of it asbestos, mica and porcelain;
           - Class F insulation corresponds to temperatures up to 155 degrees C, class H of up to 180 degrees C and Class C temperatures above 180 degrees C. In all these classes includes various varieties of glass, mica and porcelain.
A semiconductor differs from other electrically conductive materials by additional factors that can influence current passing through it. Its electrical conductivity is between that of a conductor and an insulator and increases the temperature raising.

Its electrical properties are the result of a crystalline structure and the presence of impurities. Most semiconductors, pure, are insulators, but the introduction of impurities creates a surplus of electrons or a lack of electron, each of these states allowing passage of electric current. Commonly used semiconductors are germanium, silicon, selenium, copper oxide, lead sulfide, gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide and silicon carbide.

Freitag, 12. Februar 2016

Snapchat Hack

Functionality 'Stories' of Snapchat allows users to share their images and videos at once to all his friends, a facility that has helped make it one of the most appreciated features of the application. However, only the back can see during the first 24 hours.
However, there is a website that allows you to save these 'Stories', the SnapMemories, which automatically downloads their publications for later recall. It also gets a place where I can save if your smartphone has little armazenamento.Como space account the Business Insider, the service is new and to use it you just have to enter your name, user name and Snapchat your e-mail, and should also have their application settings as 'public'. By doing this you will receive in your e-mail all your 'Stories' in the previous month.

Eprovável who has ever heard of Snapchat. And you might think it's just an app to send text messages, photos and videos up to 10 seconds to turn off after some time. Perhaps never experienced and think that it is kids stuff. And, in part, is right: teens love Snapchat. But they are not alone. The audience Snapchat is aging and the service is approaching your "mom moment", the point from which a social network goes "a niche network to a sense of the masses and becomes the kind of things that his mother will start using, "says the magazine" Wired ". It may not happen tomorrow, but is coming soon.

Who guarantees is the entrepreneur, investor and an expert on "social media" Gary Vaynerchuk, who was an early investor in Snapchat and after 40 years, the use daily to let business advice ( "Get up early") or show the facet of a cool type that goes to the gym and basketball games. The thesis of the Belarusian businessman are they meet a set of conditions that show that the network will be a success to the entire line.

An example: in the second half of 2015, Snapchat reached 15% of users over 18 years. It seems? But know that it was precisely after reaching this bar in 2007 that Facebook started to take off. A year earlier, the MySpace became mainstream after reaching 20% ​​of adult users. "It seems at this point between 15 and 20% [adult audience] that these social platforms take off," he told "Wired" Andrew Lipman, vice president of ComScore, one of the references in the Internet analysis.

Data from the North American consultant support Vaynerchuk vision. In the US, Snapchat grew 59% last year among adult users, a growth that was even more significant (69%) among the population aged 25-34 years. More than a quarter of Americans who use the Internet have joined the app.
The argument that many adults would not use Snapchat because they simply do not know how to use it was the same as a few years ago, he pointed to Facebook. And look up where he arrived the social network of Zuckerberg even when younger began to turn to other platforms.

As more and more     friends are adhering to Snapchat more motifs have other users to join adults. But even for those who do not yet have many acquaintances in the app, Snapchat launched a year ago a product that allows them to consume relevant and interesting content without having to interact with anyone. Discover The platform now has 19 channels of media producers, including CNN, National Geographic, and Vox, a series of stories presented in an appealing way. On the 12th, for example, the Fusion channel aired an interview with President Obama, shown as "Malia and Sasha's father," a program on global warming.

Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

BMW Active Tourer

BMW Active Tourer Fahrbericht 225xe
Electric drive at discount prices: BMW breaks the price-taboo

BMW wants to press vigorously its hybrid models in the market. The attention motorized 225xe Active Tourer costs here even less than a comparable gasoline engine. What can the car? The first test.
The sales of hybrid models come with all manufacturers within narrow limits. Not only at the Detroit Motor Show in mid-January, there were, despite consistently good financial results at many booths vehement frown. This was due less to Volkswagen's diesel-scandal, but rather the fact that the thin demand for hybrid models going through the next world bottomed at a low level.

A liter of super for 50 Cent
The reason is simple: in the United States costs the gallon (3.8 liters) of fuel currently less than two dollars; of liters of super kicks converted with not even 50 cents to book. No wonder that manufacturers like Ford or Mercedes warned that hybrid shaft'm currently hard times.

It makes a BMW Active Tourer at 225xe easier than ever. The load compartment remains largely untouched by the battery pack under the slightly raised rear seats, the pure electric range is around 40 kilometers and the price surprised 225xi with a level below that of the nearly identical strong BMW. Costs of poor-equipped 231-horsepower gasoline engine at least 40,000 euros, so there is the familiar hybrid wheel package starts at 38,700 euros. The thrust is clear: BMWGehe to Amazon for more product information! wants to bring more hybrids on the road - come what may. The CO2 directives pain also at Munich Petuelring.
The power output of both engines can take a ride on a horse-drawn carriage as the Active Tourer family all. In the front of the still terribly rattling three-cylinder turbocharged 1.5 liter engine, which provides 100 kW / 136 hp and 220 Nm working. For additional boost or even the sole propulsion of the electric motor, which contributes 65 kW / 88 PS and so for a total output of 165 kW / 224 hp and 385 Newton meters ensures maximum torque ensures. If the acceleration from 0 to 100 kph in 6.7 seconds as impressive as irrelevant, disappointed the maximum speed of 202 km / h in view of the lush engine power completely. The 231 bhp petrol engine in the BMW 225xi just playing 237 km / h.

In 225xe rumbles a 136-hp 1.5-liter three-cylinder, the electric motor initially mobilized modest 65kW / 88PS, but the scale is in principle open to the top, it all depends on how much battery weight you want to carry around. In 2er the hybrid package is sufficient for a system output of 224 hp and 385 Nm. The drive of the 225xe is a relatively complex matter. In normal operation, and the PHEV works as a brave front-wheel drive, but between three quarters and gas kickdown, the electrically driven rear axle turns to where the boost effect ensures neat thrust. Traction problems knows this technique does not, but rather the exhaust-free rear-wheel drive, the dahinstromert without sacrificing driving dynamics with up to 125 km / h. The estimated electric range BMW by 41 km, but this value is theoretically well as the fuel consumption from 2.0 to 2.1 liters after the experience. The electric generator that seamlessly faded in and out, turns out to be quiet and vibration free Säuselwerk that many a pedestrian to suffer from an associated terror.

Freitag, 29. Januar 2016

Eutelsat 9B

Updated launch date of the satellite Eutelsat 9B

The International Launch Services (ILS) has updated the originally scheduled January 28 start date of the satellite Eutelsat 9B. The launch of ILS Proton rocket had to be conditionally postponed by weather conditions backward in time, the French Eutelsat announced on January 21. The launch is now for Saturday, January 30, planned to 04.20 clock time from the spaceport Baikonur (29 January, 23.20 clock CET), the report said.

According to Eutelsat's information the satellite is at the starting location in a security configuration and the preparations without any technical problems continue. Eutelsat 9B is the first of three satellites Eutelsat plans to launch in the year 2016th The satellite Eutelsat 9B follow later in the year Eutelsat 65 West A and Eutelsat 117 West B.

High-performance satellite for TV services

Eutelsat 9B is a Ku-band high-power satellite for the orbital position 9 ° East, at the crossing, the main TV-positions for the European market. Through Eutelsat 9B, the number of available physical position on this transponder on 50 is (equivalent to 47 transponders with an output of 36 per MHz) and increase this raise to a new level of performance. The new satellite addressed with a pan-European footprint television markets with high growth rates. In addition, Eutelsat 9B has four regional beams for Germany, Greece, Italy and Northern Europe, including the Baltic states and Ukraine. The satellite is scheduled at 9 ° East to replace Eutelsat 9A which transmits currently 350 television stations, including 100 in HD on cable and IP networks, as well as directly receiving households and DVB-T converter in Europe. Its customers include the M7 Kabelkiosk and the platform AustriaSat Magyarország and OTE, AFN, Arqiva, GlobeCast, Media Broadcast and Media RR.

Opening a data highway in space

Eutelsat 9B also has the EDRS payload A first node of the European Data Relay System (EDRS) ESA and Airbus Defence and Space on board. This new Space Data Highway will significantly speed up the flow of information between satellites in low earth orbit and connected ground stations and reduce the reaction times for a variety of applications. These include Earth observation systems, satellite-based monitoring in disaster cases, relief operations and the monitoring of coasts and waters. The EDRS-A payload consists of a laser communication terminal, a Ka-band inter-satellite link of high volume datasets of employed in low earth orbit satellites and airborne platforms to retrieve and a Ka-band antenna for the transmission of such data from the geostationary orbit to the connected EDRS ground stations.

Founded in 1977 Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris Euro: ETL, ISIN: FR0010221234) is one of the leading and most experienced satellite operators worldwide. The company commercially viable capacity ready on 39 satellites for TV stations, radio and television organizations, operators of pay-TV platforms, TV, data and Internet service providers, enterprises and government institutions. The satellites provide, regardless of the user's location, a universal coverage in Europe, the Middle East, North, Central and South America, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region for TV, data and broadband services as well as the governmental communication. The company is headquartered in Paris with offices and teleports around the globe. Together with its subsidiaries employs Eutelsat 1,000 employees from 37 countries, who are experts in their respective fields and for customer services of the highest quality of service providing

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BMW 7 Series

About BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series with four-cylinder

258-horsepower four for Turkey and China
Other markets, other needs. BMW offers its top model, the 7 Series, in the markets in Turkey and in China now also with a four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine.

Because the state like to vigorously zulangt for large engines with luxury lapels, like adjust the carmaker to its product portfolio. BMW combines the markets in Turkey and in China, the 7 Series luxury model now with a two-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine.

BMW 7 Series with four-cylinder fast on the road
In the new 730i from Mini, 2- and 3-known four-cylinder B48 family makes 258 hp and 400 Nm of torque. Coupled he is on an eight-speed automatic transmission. The aim of the 1755 kg heavy 7 Series in 6.2 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 kph and achieve a top speed of 250 km / h. The average fuel consumption is given as 5.7 liters.

In Turkey, the new BMW 730i will cost a whopping 193,698 euros. The base price would be at 87,000 euros, but added 90% special. A 730d with 265 hp six-cylinder is priced at 258,705 euros. Here the special tax amounts to even 145%.

A few months after its market launch, the four-wheel drive range for the BMW 7 Series is G11 / G12 supplemented by the new BMW 740Li xDrive. From the spring of 2016, the current base petrol engine will be available with all-wheel drive, so that all four engines currently offered for the 7 Series can be ordered both with classic rear-wheel drive and four driven wheels.

The broad xDrive offering is neither surprise nor coincidence, because in the luxury class plays all-wheel drive for years a particularly important role: On the German market in 2015 more than two thirds of all new BMW were 7 Series ordered with xDrive, on some other markets is the four-wheel drive share within the 7 Series even higher. The slightly delayed market launch of the BMW 740Li xDrive could have taken care of Munich view that have taken some 7-customers of the first hour to the stronger and more expensive 750i xDrive with V8 biturbo, because they refused to renounce all-wheel drive with its new luxury sedan.

The new BMW 740Li xDrive uses the 326 hp and 450 Newton meters strong six-cylinder B58, which made its debut a few months ago in the 340i and the spring of 2016 and the three variants of the BMW 440i is driving. If the full force of the B58 engine is retrieved, accelerates the BMW 7 Series long-wheelbase version G12 in 5.2 seconds from 0 to 100, the four tenths of a second less than the rear-drive 740Li. The EU standard consumption of the four-wheel drive variant is with 7.3 to 7.5 liters of a pint on the lighter Hecktriebler.

For all produced from March 2016 copies of the BMW 7 Series also has the market launch in autumn presented option of remote-controlled parking is available. The controlled via the display Key Remote Control Parking makes it possible to drive the car from the outside into a parking space or garage.

Starting production in March 2016 also already a few months ago we featured Individual paintwork and presented at the IAA Full Merino leather trim are fine-grain choice, the interior trim piano lacquer and the two precious wood varieties from the Individual program are now available.