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Snapchat Hack

Functionality 'Stories' of Snapchat allows users to share their images and videos at once to all his friends, a facility that has helped make it one of the most appreciated features of the application. However, only the back can see during the first 24 hours.
However, there is a website that allows you to save these 'Stories', the SnapMemories, which automatically downloads their publications for later recall. It also gets a place where I can save if your smartphone has little armazenamento.Como space account the Business Insider, the service is new and to use it you just have to enter your name, user name and Snapchat your e-mail, and should also have their application settings as 'public'. By doing this you will receive in your e-mail all your 'Stories' in the previous month.

Eprovável who has ever heard of Snapchat. And you might think it's just an app to send text messages, photos and videos up to 10 seconds to turn off after some time. Perhaps never experienced and think that it is kids stuff. And, in part, is right: teens love Snapchat. But they are not alone. The audience Snapchat is aging and the service is approaching your "mom moment", the point from which a social network goes "a niche network to a sense of the masses and becomes the kind of things that his mother will start using, "says the magazine" Wired ". It may not happen tomorrow, but is coming soon.

Who guarantees is the entrepreneur, investor and an expert on "social media" Gary Vaynerchuk, who was an early investor in Snapchat and after 40 years, the use daily to let business advice ( "Get up early") or show the facet of a cool type that goes to the gym and basketball games. The thesis of the Belarusian businessman are they meet a set of conditions that show that the network will be a success to the entire line.

An example: in the second half of 2015, Snapchat reached 15% of users over 18 years. It seems? But know that it was precisely after reaching this bar in 2007 that Facebook started to take off. A year earlier, the MySpace became mainstream after reaching 20% ​​of adult users. "It seems at this point between 15 and 20% [adult audience] that these social platforms take off," he told "Wired" Andrew Lipman, vice president of ComScore, one of the references in the Internet analysis.

Data from the North American consultant support Vaynerchuk vision. In the US, Snapchat grew 59% last year among adult users, a growth that was even more significant (69%) among the population aged 25-34 years. More than a quarter of Americans who use the Internet have joined the app.
The argument that many adults would not use Snapchat because they simply do not know how to use it was the same as a few years ago, he pointed to Facebook. And look up where he arrived the social network of Zuckerberg even when younger began to turn to other platforms.

As more and more     friends are adhering to Snapchat more motifs have other users to join adults. But even for those who do not yet have many acquaintances in the app, Snapchat launched a year ago a product that allows them to consume relevant and interesting content without having to interact with anyone. Discover The platform now has 19 channels of media producers, including CNN, National Geographic, and Vox, a series of stories presented in an appealing way. On the 12th, for example, the Fusion channel aired an interview with President Obama, shown as "Malia and Sasha's father," a program on global warming.

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